About PEP

Programme Details:

The Prison Entrepreneurship Programme is an in-prison, classroom based business development and mentoring programme that is loosely based on the successful Texas model which has been in place for a number of years. PEP was delivered for the first time in Ireland in 2017, in Wheatfield prison, at a time when alternative progression pathways for people serving sentences were being explored as part of a wider employment and social enterprise initiative.


PEP is dedicated to delivering the nation’s best outcomes in the prison re-entry field. We provide unparalleled resources and real-world values-based business skills to inmates so that once they are back in society they have the tools, skills and support structure to pursue healthy, fulfilling and productive lives. PEP clients are immersed in a proven program comprised of one-on-one training with executive volunteers, business plan mentoring with seasoned professionals and a highly competitive business plan competition.’  (HTTP://www.pep.org/)


Entrepreneur, chef and food-writer, Domini Kemp brought PEP to Ireland and has played an instrumental role in coordinating and delivering the programme ever since. She successfully sourced relevant business experts to voluntarily facilitate the various topics covered across the 16 sessions.


The following topics are covered throughout the course:

  • How to write/develop a business plan

  • Process of registering a company

  • Responsibilities associated with running a business

  • Financial requirements: projected expenditure, costing produce, mark up

  • Brief overview of social welfare entitlements to support entrepreneurship

  • Looking at difficulties with accessing insurance

  • Branding, marketing and promotion

  • Preparing budgets, creating cash-flow projections

  • Preparations for meeting with financial institutions

One of the key actions in Working to Change is the expansion of PEP to all prisons that have the capacity to deliver it:

'Continuation, expansion & promotion of the Prison Entrepreneurship Programme (PEP) across the prison estate that also targets specific groupings e.g. females, members of the Traveller community, people with disabilities etc.'