The actions outlined in Working to Change are ambitious but they need to be if we are to bring about sustainable change however we cannot do it alone. 


This strategy will be driven by our executive agencies, the Probation Service and the Irish Prison Service as well as in collaboration with other Government Departments, criminal justice agencies and essential frontline services. It will also require positive engagement from employers and entrepreneurs alike.

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The Department of Justice has overall responsibility for the strategy and works in collaboration with a number of key stakeholders to ensure progress is made on all 46 actions

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The Probation Service is an agency within the Department of Justice and is one of two main drivers of this strategy. They play an important role in helping to reduce the level of crime and to increase public safety by working with offenders to help change their behaviour and make good the harm done by crime.

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The Irish Prison Service operates as an executive office within the Department of Justice and is the second main driving agency of this strategy. It deals with male offenders and female offenders who are 18 years of age or over.

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The Irish Association for Social Inclusion Opportunities (IASIO). Their vision & mission is to respond to the needs of our clients through the development and delivery of services to marginalised groups, working towards an inclusive Ireland by developing opportunities for the people referred to us. 

IASIO currently act as the community host for the Social Enterprise, Employment & Entrepreneurship Initiative.